chibiConnections! Connecting from me to u
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This is the page all about me!!!!! Idk why you would wanna know but I was bored so I made this lol.

lina inverse
Super Sailor Steph

Height:152 cm :(
Star sign: Sagittarius (December 1)
Color: pink
Favorite food: pineapple pizza and pixy stix
Favorite animal: miniature poodles and kittens
Favorite activity: ANIME!!!!!!
Personality: cool and awesome

Hi my name is Super Sailor Steph!!! Some of u may know me as Chibi Sailor Steph but that was my name LAST YEAR when I was 12. I'm 13 now. (^_^)  I love playing Pok√©mon. I have blue version but I REALLY want yelow!!! Pikachu is SO CUTE!

One day I was eating spaghetti when this lady came and told me she was from the future of 2022, and that things in the future were REAL BAD but there was one hope to save everybody from being sad and it was 2D idols! I didn't know what that meant but she gave me the CD for this group called Connections! (u have 2 put the exclamation point but I forget sometimes *sweatdrop.*) And they were so great!!! WOW!!! I want 2 be like Ayaka when I get to high school but I really don't wanna go to high school cause I heard there's sooooo much homework.

ANYway the lady from the future gave me a mission to make the first Connections! website to save the future. So I got REALLY GOOD at html!!! It's so fun and cool. I hope u like my page! And if u don't....


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